Tommies Take Steps to Dethrone Reds

Tommies Take Steps to Dethrone Reds

Mary-Kim Schriver’s first year with the St. Thomas University Tommies women’s rugby team ended with a trip to the ACAA finals.

The Tommies fell at the hands of the UNB Reds 34-27.

The 2019-20 Tommies featured 12 new faces, including the ACAA’s Rookie of the Year, Sarah Hetherington.

“I think we had over half the team as first and second year players, so that's half a team who has never touched a university pitch before,” said Schriver. “They all showed a great deal of potential and contributed enormously, but Sarah Hetherington filled the fullback position, a tough one to fill, beautifully and confidently.”

Joining Hetherington in being honoured at the ACAA banquet were Olivia Ricketts, Kristen Bulman, Becca Baker and Emily Donelle, who were all named ACAA All-Stars.

“The All-Stars have their own unique strengths that blended well together,” added Schriver. “Two backs and two forwards that are all so versatile on the field that they could jump into any position and still have a very fluid game.”

Schriver looks back on the season with a lot of positivity, including the Tommies home game against the Reds, that saw them leading 26-12 at halftime.

“Some of the highlights would be how excited some of the girls got when they scored their first try, as well as when they realized they were ahead of UNB in the first game. It was like hope had been ignited, and it sparked fuel for the remaining season.”

Schriver knows that coming that close to an ACAA banner will have the team hungry during the offseason, and hopes the team comes back next year ready to chase that championship once again.

“Even though it was a successful year overall, I think I would be safe to say that the goal of winning the ACAA banner will be back on the checklist for the team, and this time with even more grit and determination.”