Connors Connection: Emma Joins Fred and the Tommies

Connors Connection: Emma Joins Fred and the Tommies

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Emma Connors
Fredericton, NB
Prospective Program: Psychology


The name Connors has been synonymous with the St. Thomas University women’s basketball program for the past 17 years.

That’s how long Fred Connors has been the head coach. There will, however, be a new Connors on campus come the 2019-20 season. Fred’s daughter Emma will be joining the Tommies for the upcoming season. Her senior year at Leo Hayes High School, saw her help the Lions reach the NBIAA finals at Harbour Station and was won the team’s Perseverance Award.  

Fred knows exactly what type of player, and person, he is getting with Emma.

“We are excited to bring Emma into the program because she is such a tough nosed defender and is willing to play physical,” said Fred. “She is coming off a long-term knee injury and making strides, so we are hopeful she will be ready for September. We also like how community minded she is and the leadership she will bring to the team this coming season.”

There is a lot of familiarity with the program for Emma, as she has watched the team since she was just a baby.

“She has watched us played since she was a little baby and knows the pride we have in our school and program,” said Fred. “She is willing to do the work we ask of our players and to be able to work with her again in this capacity is really exciting.”

This won’t be the first time Fred has coached Emma, as he has coached her at the provincial level as well. Emma has represented New Brunswick as part of the U15 and U16 development teams.

“Every year I witness the STU girls come together not only as teammates, but as close friends,” said Emma. “Also, they are always hugely competitive in their league and I want to compete at that level with them. Having been coached by my dad before, I have a good understanding of their style of play and it is a style of play I’ve always enjoyed.”

It wasn’t just the team and her dad that attracted Emma to STU, although they were huge factors.

“At STU I will be majoring in psychology to develop a greater understanding of human behavior,” said Emma. “I chose psychology because I thought it would be beneficial towards pursuing my future career goals in either education or social work.”

Emma was possibly Fred’s easiest recruit.

“To be honest, I didn’t pitch much,” said Fred. “She has wanted to play for us since she was born, so when the academics fit, it was really just ‘hey Emma, I think you could play for us once you get that knee healthy’. I have never seen her work as hard as she has this last year. Her high school coach, Jackie Kerr, made a profound difference, and knowing she had this chance she really buckled down. It’s been a long haul, but it’s nice to see her this motivated. I assume the first moment she walks on the floor is going to be pretty emotional.”

Emma is the fifth recruit announced for the 2019-20 season, joining her high school teammate Bianca Hughes, Samantha Stordy, Abby Draper and Cassy Hemphill.



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