Dickson and LeBlanc Revered for Epitomizing Student-Athlete Ideal

Dickson and LeBlanc Revered for Epitomizing Student-Athlete Ideal

Seniors Abbie LeBlanc, of the women’s rugby team, and Ryan Dickson, of the men’s volleyball team, were recognized for their commitment to representing the student-athlete ideal for the St. Thomas University Tommies.

LeBlanc, a 4th year member of the women’s rugby team, LeBlanc was part of the leadership team with her rugby team and was an ACAA All-Star at fullback all while being a top student.

“Winning this award is a huge honour,” said LeBlanc. “The women's rugby team has been a significant part of my life at STU and I'm honoured that I can give to STU and the team a fraction of what they've given me.”

Rugby wasn’t the only team LeBlanc was a part of, as she was also a member of STU’s moot court team, winning the Nelson Mandela World Human Rights Competition in 2017.

“St. Thomas's moot court team and the women's rugby team have both been central to my four years at STU,” LeBlanc added. “Personally, winning the Cathy Wadden Commitment Award means a lot to me because it comes from my community.”

Dickson, a graduating member of the men’s volleyball team, also has an outstanding resume during his time at STU. This year’s winner of the team’s Most Improved Award, Dickson is the founding President of the STU Community Outreach Club, a STU Peer Mentor, UNB Baseball Assistant Coach, CCAA National Scholar Award, a member of the 2019 Venture of Canada Fellowship Cohort and maintaining a +4.0GPA.

“After coming to STU in 2015 and being welcomed by my teammates, Mike [Eagles] and so many other wonderful people that made me feel at home, I felt like I had to give back in some way,” said Dickson. “So, I decided to volunteer my time around STU and eventually create a group so others can continue to give back to the STU and larger Fredericton community as well.”

Despite Dickson’s graduation this year, there are ties that will keep him locked to St. Thomas for years to come, as his younger siblings, Garret and Emily, are current Tommies as well. Dickson is hopeful that he can continue to give back to STU and the community in the future.

“I am extremely thankful for being recognized for this award and hope that I can stay involved in the STU community for years to come.”


Leroy Washburn Community Service Award

The entire team volunteered their time at Harvest Jazz and Blues, and the Fredericton North Rotary Club (FNRC) Wings and Suds fundraiser.

Members of the team also gave their time to the Fred Savoy Golf Tournament, the UNB/STU Cross Country Meet, the Bolden Scholarship 2-on-2 volleyball fundraiser, youth volleyball training sessions, the FNRC Polio Campaign at Garden Creek, Park Street and Bliss Carman Schools.

Six of the team members have also volunteered their time to coach local schools throughout the year.