26 Tommies Named CCAA National Scholars

26 Tommies Named CCAA National Scholars

26 of St. Thomas University’s student athletes were named CCAA National Scholars for the 2017-18 season for their work in the classroom, narrowly edging out the previous year of 22.

To be recognized as a CCAA National Scholar you must achieve honours standing at your institution.

Four of the recipients for last season were also honoured in 2015-16 including Jonah Burridge of men’s volleyball and golf, and a trio from women’s soccer, Dominique Bourque, Mary Cronin and Moira Kinney.

“As a student athlete you know you’re going to be working hard on and off the field,” said Kinney, who is coming into her third year as a striker with the women’s soccer team. “Staying focused and dedicated to both school and soccer can be overwhelming at times, so it was extremely gratifying to have my efforts pay off last season. I am honoured to have been acknowledged as a National Scholar and to have made it to Nationals with such an amazing team.”

Kinney finished the 2017-18 regular season with one goal and three assists while helping lead the women’s soccer team to the ACAA championship.

Making the CCAA National Scholar list is an amazing achievement for a student athlete, and to do it in your first year only makes the feat that much more amazing. Last season seven Tommies’ rookies accomplished the feat. Melanie Laplante of women’s soccer, William Estabrooks of the golf team, Adam Hamilton and Christian Christie of men’s volleyball, and Jenicca Jean and Martha Seaman of women’s volleyball.

Seaman attributes having a plan of attack and using all the resources available at St. Thomas to your benefit.

“Taking the time to lay out your busy schedule for both sport and academia will things tactical and will change your mindset,” said the outside hitter. “Your coaches have the best resources available on campus and it is your responsibility as a student athlete to use them. The writing center with Linnet Humble and our learning strategist Heather MacDonald are second to none.”


2017-2018 Recipients

Jack Casey, Men’s Soccer
Luke Garagan, Men’s Soccer
Alex Soulet, Men’s Soccer
Gregory Young, Men’s Soccer
Dominique Bourque, Women’s Soccer
Mary Cronin, Women’s Soccer
Moira Kinney, Women’s Soccer
Melanie Laplante, Women’s Soccer
Katie MacDermaid, Women’s Soccer
Mija MacDonald, Women's Volleyball
Jenicca Jean, Women’s Volleyball
Lauren MacDonald, Women’s Volleyball
Allison Roy, Women’s Volleyball
Martha Seaman, Women’s Volleyball
Andrea Young, Women’s Volleyball
Jonah Burridge, Men’s Volleyball/Golf
Christian Christie, Men’s Volleyball
Ryan Dickson, Men’s Volleyball
Adam Hamilton, Men’s Volleyball
Nicholas Jackson, Men’s Volleyball
Sara Banks, Women’s Basketball
Jayme Hunt, Women’s Basketball
Madison Owens, Women’s Basketball
Jessica Patenaude, Women’s Basketball
Quentin DesRoches, Golf
William Estabrooks, Golf